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Lusco Farms Rescue

Donkeys are special. Are you special enough to be a friend?

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Take a look into our rescue and see why your donation is so important.



 We are pleased to share a video interview conducted Bellevue University with Scott Shehan (co-founder). Learn why Scott and Lura have taken on the challenge of saving the American Donkey


Click Here to watch the WOWT Channel 6 Video



Proud to be a satellite center for Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue
Founding Member of the Southwest Iowa Animal Coalition




We are a safe haven for abused,neglected, abandoned equines in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and surrounding areas. With the support and help from people like you, we are able to provide a "temporary home" for these animals until a "forever home" is found!

Lusco Farms Rescue is an IRS recognized 501c(3) non-profit organization that depends on the people in our community, our volunteers, and the public for our support. We are strictly a volunteer run rescue, no paid members, and all donations go directly to the care of the animals, without your needed support, we couldn't continue the work we do saving the forgotten equines of the Midwest!


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Mission Statement

Lusco Farms Rescue

    The mission of Lusco Farms Rescue is to provide immediate shelter, veterinarian care and nutrition for all equines. A special emphasis will be placed on the well being of miniature ponies and donkeys. Volunteers at Lusco Farm Rescue will provide care without passing judgment on those involved in the situation. Our main purpose is to rehabilitate and find safe and caring homes for the equines that have come into our care.
"Donkeys are special.  Are you special enough to be a friend?

Our Barn cat Flash helping wrangle


Scott hanging out with Henry




Why Adopt a donkey?
You can go to a sale barn or purchase a donkey from a breeder but do you really know what you are paying for? Is the money you paid going towards helping other equines live a better life or just causing more over breeding and unwanted equines?

     All of the donkeys and ponies that are ready for adoption from Lusco Farms have been vaccinated, de-wormed, hoofs trimmed and micro-chipped. Your donkey or pony has also been worked with by many volunteers to ensure they can be handled easily when you take them home.  Best of all we allow you time to bond with your forever friend before taking them home. If you ever have an issue with an adopted animal we will always take them back no questions asked.  

Check out our adoption Page for more information.
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Stef & Shortie spending time together           Henry rolling in the dirt
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Lusco Farms Rescue


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